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Why buy from Quantum WARP Light Devices?

  1. We have been a premiere distributor of Quantum WARP® light systems since 2004.
  2. If you have questions, we have answers.
  3. Not only have we used the WARP® Lights on our patients but have traveled with Quantum Devices, Inc. (developers of the WARP®) to help explain and teach other doctors how and why to use these powerful devices.
  4. We have lectured to Doctors and Patients from all over the country on the benefits and superiority of the WARP® systems, and demonstrated the difference of other units.
  5. We offer the most variety of choices for you to choose from. (WARP 10®, WARP 75®, 60 day trial and trade-ins)
  6. We have proven to offer superior service. Your unit will usually be shipped within three business days, if not sooner.
  7. We offer a 60 Day Trial of the WARP 10® and if you are not fully satisfied we will refund your money. We can do this because these units are virtually never returned as opposed to other brands. (Refund does not include return shipping.)
  8. Trade-ins! We offer not only a 60 day trial, but we will allow you to try the WARP 10® for up to 60 days and trade it back in towards the larger WARP 75®, with full credit for what you paid for the WARP 10®. Not even the parent company, Quantum Devices Inc., will do this. (Sorry, the Trade-in option is only available if the WARP 10® was purchased from Quantum WARP Light Devices.)

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