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WARP 10 and WARP 75 discontinued and possible replacement

Thank you for your interest in the WARP Light. I wanted to let you know that September 2016, they discontinued making the WARP Lights. This has always been a sideline with Quantum and the FDA and other government agencies were making such great demands on recertifying the device they decided to discontinue the distribution.

This is sad as this is the only device I know of that has this amount of power for under $3000. I have tried to get someone to pick up the product but was unsuccessful. All of the companies want to sell products to primary providers for a much, much higher price. The individual consumer loses again. At that time I bought the last 100 WARP 10s they had thinking they would last me about 1 1/2 years. I sold them all within six months.

I followed some leads on getting a device, as good or better, made that will be priced within the same range. After looking at several companies, I made contact with the only company I would be willing to trust with quality and safety and they sent me a device to test. I have been using this device on myself and others and since March 2017. I have found that it will do what the WARP 10 would do and much more.

I will briefly explain the difference from the WARP 10 and will send you more detailed information if you desire.

The Device is currently called PainAway from Multi Radiance. (They are talking of renaming it at my request because it helps so much more than pain.) This is why I like it:

  1. The WARP had one frequency (670nm) and the PainAway has three frequencies that emit light at the same time. (640nm, 875nm and 905nm) The 905 puts it into the category of a class one laser.

  2. It has three power settings (instead of one) allowing it to do healing like the WARP but also go deeper for more chronic and difficult problems. (I shattered my ankle in December 2014 and had 10 screws and a plate put in it to put it back together. The first time I used the PainAway I gained tremendous increase in flexibility.)

  3. It has a pulsing light that will allow it to SAFELY use these three wavelengths at the same time with the higher power settings and allow the light energy to go deeper into the skin. (There is much research showing the increased absorption of the lights giving more benefits with this technology.)

  4. It runs for five minutes at a time with a soft beep signal when it is done. (The WARP ran for 88 seconds and did not give a signal.)

  5. The WARP 10 would run for about 10 doses of 1 1/2 minutes each (total of 15 minutes) before delaying because of the heat from the batteries. There is no such problem with the PainAway.

  6. The company has been around for over 20 years. For several years before the WARP was certified by the FDA in 2002 this company was using their devices in Europe. Once the WARP became certified, it opened the door in the USA for others. (The FDA is slow to approve non- drug sponsored products.)

  7. The safety record of this company is solid for over 20 years with never a reported injury. (This was also true with the WARP which is why it is important to me.)

  8. No more AA batteries to mess with. The device has a battery in the handle and it is charged with a cord just like your cell phone.

So once I was convinced of the benefits of the device it all came down to price. This device was once priced at $3000. It recently was reduced to $2500 for doctors to purchase to loan or rent out to patients. After much talk with the company and convincing them there were people who wanted these for their home, they came back with a $2000 retail price tag. I respectfully declined. I told them I would refer any inquiries to whomever they wanted. I just was not interested as I am retired and spending most of my time in Florida and really don't need to do this. I just feel that there are so many benefits to having personal access to this technology.

They came back to me and we agreed on a retail price of $1,799 with the idea that the price may increase somewhere in the future. I know this is more than the WARP 10 but that is why the WARP light is no longer available. It became unprofitable for them to keep making them and they did not want to invest in the changes that needed to be made. (Redesign with more than one wavelength and getting rid of the AA batteries.)

If you are interested in receiving some additional information on how the PainAway works and what it can do, just visit or send me an email at [email protected].

Dr. Jerry Mantonya

"Special pricing is available to licensed care providers or for purchasing multiple units.
Please click HERE to contact us for special pricing."

"Special pricing is available to licensed care providers or for purchasing multiple units.
Please click HERE to contact us for special pricing."

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