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nasa In 1991 Quantum Devices Inc (QDI) began developing its ‘HEALS™’ technology in partnership with NASA, as a way of promoting plant growth in space. The use of a high intensity LED light, which emitted energy in the near infra red spectrum demonstrated that this red light wavelength could boost the energy metabolism of cells to activate plant growth and photosynthesis, providing a valuable source of oxygen and food in space. In 1993 the light sources made their space shuttle flight debut.

When NASA determined the red LED’s could grow plants in space, the Marshall Space Flight Center awarded QDI several contracts to investigate the effectiveness of the product in medical applications, focusing on increasing the energy in human cells. NASA’s hope was that the LED’s would not only yield medical benefits on earth, but they would stem the loss of bone and muscle mass in astronauts which occur during long periods of weightlessness.

To use the device you simply place it against the area of pain.

HEALS = High Emissivity Aluminiferous Luminescent Substrate

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